Cybernetic Creature Timeline from

A timeline showing significant Cybernetic animals and events, the dates being the creation or announcement of the cybernetic models.

[There’s significant confusion between ‘cybernetics’ the set of thinking and theories and insights, all around purposeful or goal-seeking activity in complexity, and robotics – and that is because they came from the same roots. This collection of robots or ‘cybernetic creatures’ covers the range from slightly gimmicky to deeply fascinating (and demonstrates swarming and ‘collective sensemaking’ behaviour long before swarms and boids), but they all use feedback loops to make sense of an unknown, unknowable, and irreducibly complex world in pursuit of a goal – and of course, in so doing, demonstrate the cybernetic roots of agent-based modelling. Of course, everything is so deeply intertwingled that this ought no longer to be surprising to me. I just bought and read RM Currie’s classic ‘work study’ from 1960, the historical section of which draws links (and divergences) between Robert Owen, Perronet, Babbage, FW Taylor, Adam Smith, , the Gilbreths, Bedaux, Cripps, TWI, and thereby between work study, the invention of computing, the human potential movement, capitalism, lean, and this stuff…]

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