Cybernetics and behaviourism – Hayek 1920, Pask 1970, Parallel Distributed Processing, 1987,Ana Teixeira Pinto, 2013

Hayek and The Sensory Order, 1920

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Pask – The meaning of cybernetics in the behavioural sciences, 1970

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Parallel Distributed Processing, 1987

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The Pigeon in the Machine. The Concept of Control in Behaviorism and Cybernetics, An Teixeira Pinto, 2015

Source: The Pigeon in the Machine: The Concept of Control in Behaviourism and Cybernetics | Manifesta Journal


Another tweet stream from David Chapman which touches powerfully on cybernetics – maybe… Hayek was a cybernetician? (Though, of course, my attention has been drawn before to Hayek’s 1974 speech – and – which could be seen as a riposte to Beer and Cybernsyn –

I’m going to leave all this here because I know it is connected, but I do have a life to lead!


Parallel Distributed Processing, of which David began the tweet stream saying “The founding text of the 1980s version of “neural” network nonsense was titled Parallel Distributed Processing. Its important central idea was forgotten because people latched onto the easy-to-understand error backpropagation algorithm instead.”, looks like it’s all available online at (just increment the chapter number)