Creating a Shift in Leadership | Systemic Leadership Summit – online, 12-19 2020

I’m speaking as part of this, and have paid as an online guest in the past. It’s a series of video interviews with people interested in all aspects of ‘systemic leadership’.

Jennifer is a brilliant interviewer, so if you like the look of the speaker list, do consider it!



Source: Creating a Shift in Leadership | Systemic Leadership Summit 2020

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An online event with a simple mission

We aim to create a shift in our leadership paradigm from the individual to the collective and dramatically grow and spread the transformation capabilities of leaders across the world.

How? By introducing you to a highly diverse, cutting edge and experienced group of influencers.

Slash Your Learning Curve

With 500+ Years of Leadership, Systemic Approaches and Transformation Strategies Straight From People Who’ve Done It.

Value-Packed Sessions

Interviews With Top Experts, Leaders & Entrepreneurs. See
the expert in a raw, authentic conversation about a topic in-depth.

No Pitch Summit

We aim to deliver value and to provide you with powerful and
inspirational material. Therefore our summit sessions are pitch free.

Systemic Leadership Summit 2019 Line-up

Founded and hosted by Jennifer Campbell

This is the fourth edition of the Systemic Leadership Summit, which was first launched January 2017. The online
event is broken down into 3 parts to help you accelerate your understanding and implement your learnings faster.

1. See The System
View your organization as a whole

Learn what systems are and what a systemic approach to leadership brings
to the table. Practice seeing your tribe as a system and discover what it costs you when you keep focusing on the parts in it.

2. Share the Space
Foster generative communication & interaction

Learn how to have dialogue from a place of real connection, deep listening and reflection. Tap into the wisdom and the different viewpoints that exist in the system you are part of.

3. Shape the Shift
Create Sustainable Solutions, Transform the System

Generate results from the collective intelligence and leadership of your tribe by co-creating from what emerges, rather than react to what has already happened in your systems environment.

See the System
Jennifer Campbell

2020 Summit Kick-off & The Value of Systemic Leadership

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Edgar & Peter Schein

Humble Leadership: Challenging Current Theories of Leadership

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Arawana Hayashi

Social Presencing Theatre: Visualizing and Embodying Systems

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Dave Snowden

Cynefin Framework: A Sense Making Framework in a Complex World

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Dr. Glenda Eoyang

Human Systems Dynamics: See Complexity Differently, Take Adaptive Action

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Jan Jacob Stam

Systemic Phenomenological Work: Org. Constellations

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Joan Lurie

Orgonomics: Operate at your Organization’s Growing Edge

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Benjamin Taylor

Paradoxes, polarities and paradigm shifts in systems work.

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Deborah Rowland

Still Moving: How to Lead Mindful Change in Times of Disruption

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Share the Space
Dr. Louis Klein

Governance, Purpose, Change and Potential in Organizations

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Siets Bakker

Moving questions: systemic inquiry as an invitation for exploration

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Dr. Max Schupbach

Deep Democracy: inclusive, whole system conflict resolution

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Nora Bateson

Warm Data and Warm Data Labs: Navigating the Transcontextual

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Brian “Ponch” Rivera

The Flow System™: understand complexity, embrace teamwork.

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Jeremy Lloyd

Hearing the Customers Voice: A Systemic Approach to Marketing

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Pilar García Sánchez

Beyond the Numbers: Diversity and Inclusion in Business

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Giles Hutchins

The journey towards regenerative and eco-systemic leadership

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Shape the Shift
Dr. Mette Böll

Shapeshifting Education: Systems Awareness in Practice

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Patrick Hoverstadt

The Viable Systems Model: Creating Sustainable Organizations

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Laura Storm

Regenerative Leadership, Sustainability and the Practice of Silence.

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Martin Kalungu-Banda

Leading from the Emerging Future and Collaborative Innovation

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Wendy Mahoney

Why Innovation is Human, and how it is different from Disruption or Technology

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Dr. Stuart Hill

Enabling Real Change the Ecological and Sustainable Way

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Dr. Orit Gal

Social Acupuncture: from Complexity Thinking to Complexity Action

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Summit Q&A

Live summit session led by SLS founder and host Jennifer Campbell

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Source: Creating a Shift in Leadership | Systemic Leadership Summit 2020

[disclosure from Benjamin: as a speaker this is my referral link and I will get a share of any sales – if you share, please share this link: ]