WPI Systems Thinking Colloquium 2019 – slides and videos

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WPI Systems Thinking Colloquium 2019

Guest Speaker Presentations

Thank you for attending our Systems Thinking Colloquium this past fall. Please find below a wealth of content from some of our special guest speakers, systems thinking experts from around the world. Presentation materials are listed in alphabetical order by speaker.

We hope to see you at future WPI events! 

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Gene Bellinger – Storyteller 

“DSRP is Universal to Systems Thinking”

Derek Cabrera, PhD and Laura Cabrera, PhD – Cornell University

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“Perspectives on Systems Thinking: An Integrative System Dynamics Approach”

Robert Y. Cavana – Reader in Systems Science, Victoria Business School, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

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“Systems Thinking: The Elephant in the Room”

Joseph E. Kasser – DSc, CEng, CM, FIET, FIES, FINCOSE, CMALT, G3ZCZ 

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“Systems Thinking: An Economist’s Perspective”

Michael J. Radzicki, Ph.D. – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Reflections on Systems Thinking”

Donna H. Rhodes – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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“My Take on System Dynamics”

Khalid Saeed – Professor of Economics and System Dynamics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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“Systems Thinking: A Catalyst for Purposeful Change”

David Peter Stroh – Principal, Bridgeway Partners and Author, Systems Thinking for Social Change

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“Why Systems Thinking is Not a Natural Act”

Ricardo Valerdi – University of Arizona

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