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Taking back control

Aidan Ward

Mar 9 · 9 min read

A key move in living your own life is grasping what is true for you. We have been schooled and sanctioned to believe that truth is external, out there, and the same for everybody. But the most important things in our lives are what we truly understand because we live them; they are an integral part of our bodies and the way our bodies experience the world. In fact, we can only understand our environment as our environment and in that sense the world is the world we see.

What phenomenology and the enactive turn in philosophy tell us is that our freedom and autonomy is to direct our attention. When we do so, we act differently and notice different things. We cannot step outside our environment to decide what to pay attention to. We can, to some degree, empathically understand that other people are directing their attention differently and seeing and experiencing different things as a result.

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