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Ecology and Economy: Systems Changes Ahead?

Following the workshop at 2019 CANSEE Conference, cohosted with David L. Hawk, we were invited to contribute an article to a special issue of WEI Magazine.  Here’s the abstract for the workshop in May:



Systems Changes, Environmental Deterioration

This dialogue-oriented workshop will be framed by two short position papers (< 30 minutes each) towards energizing a discussion on the prospects for systems thinking and ecological economics.

(1) Systems Changes research program

(2) Environmental Deterioration: What have we learned about systems change(s) over the past 50 years?

(3) Dialectic: Group Discussion

Ecology and Economy: Systems Changes Ahead?

By: David Ing

One doesn’t recognize the really important moments in one’s life until it’s too late. — Agatha Christie

Living in a world where systems changes are omnipresent, where do we focus our attention? We read every day about climate change and economic change as major forces that are impacting our world. These forces — partially under human control and partially not — are perplexing in their plurality: systems changes as beyond stable states we have enjoyed, and beyond the limits that we have previously expected. Action by individuals and groups range from (i) dealing with imminent systems changes when the evidence cannot be denied, to (ii) anticipating negative and positive systems changes on the horizon with proactive foresight.

Let’s step through three ideas: (a) three attitudes towards systems changes; (b) human responses to impending tragedy; and (c) surfacing the values that we appreciate.

A. Three attitudes towards systems changes

B. Human responses to impending tragedy

C. Surfacing the values we appreciate

David Ing, “Ecology and Economy: Systems Changes Ahead?“, WEI Magazine, Volume 100/101, pp. 59-62