Three month Systemic Leadership Summit – unprecedented times, unprecedented leadership, March 30-June 28, 2020

A nice offer from Jennifer Campbell, the force behind the Systemic Leadership Summit –

[declaration – I’m one of the speakers – but although I previously had a franchise link for the summit I was directly involved in, I have no commercial interest in this one]

via 3 month Systemic Leadership Summit

Unprecedented Times, Unprecedented Leadership

A three month-online systemic leadership journey

77+ highly valuable thought leader sessions, weekly live calls, online community

The ultimate daily cadence for leaders and systems thinking practitioners in times of crisis

MARCH 30 – JUNE 28, 2020

Only $77

3 month Systemic Leadership Journey


In these times of crisis, many leaders and professionals are concerned and anxious. We all share the same complex problems and wonder how to deal with the uncertainty and volatility that this brings to our work and our lives. We want to step up and do something.


Unprecedented times call for unprecedented leadership.

To help you navigate this uncertain period, we want to offer you daily support, inspiration and a moment to pause and reflect.

As you may know our summits contain highly valuable expert summit sessions with thought leaders and wise individuals.

Participants have paid hundreds of dollars to have access to their value packed systems thinking based strategies.

Now, we want to help you hold space for whatever emerges and lead in uncertain times.

Gain access to the best of what we’ve learned and accumulated over the years.

We are offering the best of ALL four summits to you for only $1 per summit session.

Online community and weekly live calls with participants (and possibly speakers) are included.



more info and book at 3 month Systemic Leadership Summit


Speakers March 30 – April 5

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Fritjof Capra

A Systems View of Life

Scientist, Educator, Activist,

Author of best selling books


Dr. Eliat Aram

Leading in Complex Times

CEO of the Tavistock Institute of

Human Relations


Dr. William Tate

Understanding Systemic Leadership

Director of the Systemic Leadership Institute, author of books about systemic leadership

Nora Bateson

Liminal Leadership:

Leading from the In-between

President of the International Bateson Institute, research designer, film-maker, writer.

Dr. Peter Senge

System Leadership:

Solving Problems That Matter

Founding Chair of System Leadership Institute, author of the Fifth Discipline , senior lecturer MIT.

Arawana Hayashi

Social Presencing Theatre

Head of the creation of Social Presencing Theater at Presencing Institute. Choreographer, performer educator



Speakers April 6 – 12

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Margaret Wheatley

Who do we Choose to be?

Speaker, teacher, community worker, consultant, advisor, formal leader. Best selling author of nine books.

Mathias Weitbrecht

The Why & How Of Visualization

Founder and Managing Director of Visual Facilitators, Facilitator, Visual Strategist, Graphic Recorder


Noomi Natan

The Power Of Constellations

Certified Coach and Constellatory trained at The Centre for Systemic Constellation and the Nowhere Academy

Dave Snowden

The Cynefin Framework

The renowned developer of the Cynefin framework. Founder & chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge Researcher  knowledge management.

Jan Jacob Stam

Systemic Phenomenological Work

Pioneer in systemic work in the Netherlands , founder of the Bert Hellinger Institute in Groningen,

the Netherlands.


Benjamin Taylor

Paradoxes, polarities, paradigm shifts

Chief Executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy and managing partner of RedQuadrant. Passionate about systems thinking.



Speakers April 13 – 19

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Peter Hawkins

The Future of Leadership and Leadership Team Coaching

Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, best-selling author of Leadership Team Coaching


Heather Plett

Holding Liminal Space


Speaker, Writer, Facilitator of the Holding Space Facilitator Program



Dr. Leslie Brissett

Contemporary Challenges when Leading Systemically

Company Secretary & Principal Consultant at the Tavistock Institute, Co-Director of the Dynamics at Board Level programme

John Renesch

A Shift in Consciousness


Advisor, mentor, futurist. Writer on social & organizational change


Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

Language Of Spaces

Founding member and partner at and Evolution at Work, Creator of Language of Spaces

Dr. Louis Klein

Governance, Purpose, Change

and Potential

Internationally recognized expert in the field of systemic change and complex project management.



Speakers April 20 – 26

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Phil Cady

The Organic System Framework

President of Cognitive Leadership Strategies West, Master Facilitator Organization Workshop

Kathleen E. Allen

Leading from the Roots

President of Kathleen Allen and Associates, leadership expert, author of Systemic Leadership books

Ed & Peter Schein

Humble Leadership

Bestselling author, father of organizational culture studies and

Silicon Valley strategy consultant, helps start-ups & expansion-phase technology companies.

Anthony Howard

Human Centered Leadership

CEO, entrepreneur, thought leader, philosopher, author of the book “Humanise”,

“CEO Whisperer”


Deborah Rowland

Still Moving

Deborah is an experienced change leader, founder of a research consulting firm, executive coach and author of the book Still Moving.


Giles Hutchins

Regenerative leadership

Chair of the Future Fit Leadership Academy, co-author of Regenerative Leadership,(co)founder of Leadership Immersions, Regenerators, a.o.



Speakers April 27 – May 3

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Nora Bateson

The Leadership Paradox

President of the International Bateson Institute, a research designer, independent film-maker, writer, and lecturer.

Marshall Goldsmith

Great Leadership


World renown #1 Executive Coach, bestselling author of “What got you here won’t get you there”

Dr. Michael Buehler

Global Systemic Leadership in Political and Business Environments

Head of Infrastructure and Urban Development at the World Economic Forum, project manager, consultant

Marita Fridjhon

Intelligent Teams

Co-founder & CEO CRR Global,

co-creator of ORSC


Dr. Morne Mostert

Systemic Leadership Learning

Director of the Institute for Futures Research, President World Leadership Day

Gina Hayden

Questions for Conscious Leaders

Leadership expert, Author of Becoming a Conscious Leader




Speakers May 4 – 10

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Joan Lurie


CEO of Orgonomix, helps leaders & organisations to transform

Jim Kouzes

Relationship Building for Leaders

Bestselling author, co-author of The Leadership

Ella Saltmarshe

Role of Story in Systems Change

Writer, co-founder, innovator

Anne Rød

Systemic Leadership in Action

Intercultural management consultant and executive team coach, Systems Inspired Leadership Faculty, co-author of “Intelligent Teams”

Dion Johnson

Women Leadership & Systemic Change

Strategic Ally,  Master Coach, Founder of Woman Leader Global,

“The Womanologist”


Klaus Lombardozzi

Leading With Relationship Intelligence

Leader in Multinational Organizations, Internationally CRR Global Certified Organizational & Systems/Team Coach



Speakers May 11 – 17

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Siets Bakker

Moving Questions

Organization consultant, forerunner in applied systemic work. Family & organizational constellator.

Jo McHale

Nonviolent Communication

Certified Non Violent Communication (NVC) Trainer,

Leadership Coach

Andre Wierdsma

SL: The Fragility of the ‘In-between’

Emeritus Professor of Organization & Co-creation (Nijenrode University), best-selling author

Katherine Long

The Application And Practice Of Systemic (Leadership) Approaches

Eco-systems development practitioner at Evolution OD, writer and international speaker.

Katherine Tyler Scott

Leading Highly Anxious Systems

Managing Principal of KiThoughtBridge , Chair of the International Leadership Association Board (ILA)

Olivier Piazza

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence

Program Leader,

Executive Coach




Speakers May 18 – 24

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Edward Howard &

Sarah Rozenthuler

Purpose-Led Leadership

 Co-directors of The Whole Partnership, systemic work, constellations & dialogue experts.

Dr. Glenda Eoyang

Human Systems Dynamics

Pioneer in the applications of complexity science to organizational systems, developed human systems dynamics (HSD).

Zachary Green

Leadership and Group Relations

Co-founder Group Relations International, Associate Director Leadership Institute (San Diego)


Dr. Aftab Omer

An Exploration Of Transformative Leadership

President of Meridian University, former president of the Council for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologies, sociologist, psychologist and futurist.

Pilar García Sánchez

Beyond the Numbers

Strategic business development manager at Medtronic and Chair of the Medtronic Women’s Network in The Netherlands.



Brian “Ponch” Rivera

The Flow System™

Co-creator of the Flow System™, worked at the US Navy,

Agile & innovation trainer.






Speakers May 25 – 31

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Dr. Amy Mindell

Process Work and Deep Democracy

Process Work & Deep Democracy expert, creator of MetaSkills



Jeremy Lloyd

Hearing the Customers Voice

Independent consultant, former leader in business, creating customer-centric solutions and executing strategic plans.

Cynthia Loy Darst

The Inside Team

Master Certified Coach (ICF), Front of the Room Leader CTI and CRR Global, speaker, author


Sarah Cornally

Systems Intelligence In The Corporate Space

Strategic Leadership Advisor, Systemic Intelligence Pioneer and Educator of Practitioners, Leadership Circle™ Faculty in Asia Pacific region.

Max Schupbach

Deep Democracy

Co-founder of the Deep Democracy Institute (DDI), a think tank, learning hub and consulting group based on the Process Work paradigm, an inclusive whole system paradigm.

Dr. Susan Gantt

Systems-centered Training

Director of the Systems-Centered Training & Research Institute,

Educator in Systems-Centered Training




Speakers June 1 – 7

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Myrna Lewis

The Power and Potential of Conflict

Co-founder of the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy and Head of Professional Services for Deep Democracy Ltd.

Antonio Belgrave

Positive Deviant Performance

Former leader in pharmaceutical industry, Organisation Development Specialist


Brian Robertson

Holacracy: Leadership When Goals and Roles Rule

Inventor Holacracy, experienced entrepreneur HolacracyOne, pioneer, author of book ‘Holacracy’

Ray Haddock

Developing Organizations with Systems Centered Training

Qualified in medicine, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Systems Centered Training Expert


Gaston Schmitz

Community Behavior Change

Former UN program advisor,

Coach Asian Leadership Institute




Monica Velarde Lazart

The Hope of the Amazon – Systemic Leadership Case Study

Director of T-Consult Socioanalytic Practice. Social scientist, org. & leadership development consultant and coach



Speakers June 8 – 14

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Diederick Janse

Getting Teams Done: Leading and Serving

Entrepreneur, Holacracy expert, Co-founder of, author of Getting Teams Done

Danielle Braun

Building Tribes

Co-founder and director of the Culture Academy (NL), co-author of The Corporate Tribe, leadership & culture expert

Patrick Hoverstadt

The Viable Systems Model

Consultant, author of The Fractal Organization: Creating sustainable organizations with the Viable System Model and other books.

Jitske Kramer

Culture Change in the Corporate Tribe

Co-founder and Chief of the Culture Academy, Founder of Human Dimensions, author, trainer



John Watters

Systems Blindness and Stuck Systems

Managing Director of Living Leadership, Master Trainer and Leading authority on Barry Oshry’s systems leadership work


Dr. Stuart Hill

Enabling Real Change Ecologically

Emeritus Professor and Foundation Chair of Social Ecology in the School of Education. Received “Leadership for Sustainability Award” from Australia’s Centre for Sustainability Leadership.



Speakers June 15 – 21

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Dr. Mette Böll

Shapeshifting Education

Biologist, specializing in the evolution of complex social systems, organizational ethology,  holds additional degrees in contemplative leadership and philosophy & history of science.

Dr. Alexander Laszlo

Thrivability & Being The Systems You Want To See In The World

Director of Development at L-INPR, President of B of D BCSSS & ISSS, Founding Dir. of the Doctoral Program in Leadership & Systemic Innovation at ITBA (Arg.)

George Pór

Evolutionary Purpose

Founder of Community Intelligence, Creator of the Enlivening Edge Community and Faculty member at Meridian University



Laura Storm

Regenerative Leadership and the Practice of Silence

Awarded the title “Worldchanger” by Greenbiz, selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and Sustainability Expert.

Christian Kromme

Humanification: Go Digital, Stay Human

Author of Humanification, Public Speaker, and board member at a.o. the Workforce Institute EMEA and the Human Genome Foundation

Dr. Orit Gal

Social Acupuncture

Senior Lecturer for Strategy and Complexity at Regent’s University London, political economist, founder of tech start-up “Urbaniser”.




Speakers June 22 – 28

Sessions are broadcast daily from Monday to Saturday at 4pm CET

Jean-Louis Lamboray

Strength-based Community Building

Co-founder of The Constellation, former UNAIDS health specialist, author: “What makes us human?”

Wendy Mahoney

Why Innovation is Human

Head of Newmella Holdings, seminal expert and lecturer on the topic of Business Innovation

Lili Gulbert

Strategic Systemic Change

Systemic Change Strategist, builds collaborative intelligence with executives

Dr. Peter Robertson

Ecology In Business

Executive Lecturer at Nyenrode Business University, visiting professor to universities in NL, USA and China, author of Always Change A Winning Team and The Ecological Leader, ​Senior consultant.

Nora Bateson

Warm Data and Warm Data Labs

President of the International Bateson Institute, a research designer, independent film-maker, writer, and lecturer.



Martin Kalungu-Banda

Leading from the Emerging Future

Martin is a consultant in organization and leadership development, a facilitator of innovation and change; trainer, coach and author. He is faculty for the Presencing Institute.