Government after shock – an unconventional event for unconventional times – International networked event: 17 – 18 November 2020, Observatory of Public Sector Innovation

via Government after shock – an unconventional event for unconventional times – Observatory of Public Sector Innovation Observatory of Public Sector Innovation

Post-Crisis Recovery

Government after shock – an unconventional event for unconventional times

International networked event: 17 – 18 November 2020

We have witnessed governments innovate at an unprecedented rate in the face of Covid-19, rising to meet the urgent needs of their countries and residents. But how do governments carry on beyond crisis: how do they continue with the same momentum and agility for problem solving, innovation and collaborative approaches?

From 17 – 18 November 2020, the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), alongside a core group of international partners, will convene a virtual, networked event to allow policy makers, practitioners and public sector leaders to share lessons from a multitude of contexts and edge cases, including issues and solutions that have emerged across governments in response to the Covid-19 crisis. Participants will collaborate across local, national, and international scales to generate new insights around changing assumptions about how government works, innovation throughout a crisis, and what’s needed to navigate beyond crisis. The goal is to develop a better collective understanding of how governments can work better together to anticipate and respond to emergent issues.

OPSI, in collaboration with a worldwide network of national and sectoral contributing partners, will convene networks of leading researchers, policy makers and practitioners around the world using an innovative format that aims to combine the best of more conventional, structured conferencing with leading-edge networked dialogue.

  • Part 1 – Government after shock: Rethinking and rebuilding through innovation will be grassroots oriented, and focus on insights from the frontline
  • Part 2 – Government after shock: Collaboration for systemic change beyond crisis will bring together contributions from leaders around the world in an open forum.

The goal: to support each country’s capacity to anticipate, understand, and govern complex and changing circumstances, meanwhile promoting international collaboration on the topic of public sector innovation.

New ways of convening, talking, learning

It is anticipated that, along with timely presentations from public sector leaders and practitioners, there will be local and regional linked sessions as well as opportunities for live digital participation through interactive platforms.

Should the public health crisis have eased, we envisage the option for flagship city events as well as smaller in-house workplace meetups through to individual participation.

Such a hybrid format may also demonstrate newer, timely ways to elicit and share insights and lived practice. It is anticipated that this special 2020 ‘knowledge event’ partnership coordinated by OECD OPSI will also collaborate in the curation of an innovative format post-event outcomes report.

In the planning, delivery and post-event curation there will also be a range of localised roles that promise a unique experience:

  • virtual facilitators
  • social rapporteurs
  • hashtag hosts
  • + more.

Register interest now

You or your organisation can get involved in a number of different ways. Working with partners, we will be looking to soon run a co-design experience to help scope and shape the events and there are likely to also be a range of events in the lead-up to November, or you may wish to focus on the November events.

We invite you to put these dates in your diary – Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 November 2020 – and we would urge you to register interest in participating so we can keep you up to date as this exciting program evolves.

Note that checking your Expression of Interest (whether individual or on behalf of your organisation) provides for interest in both the main event on November 18-19 and early participation options such as hosting a local or thematic co-design roundtable.