Systems Thinking & Sustainability – Systems Innovation – online session 6 April 2020, CORRECTION 11am London time (BST/GMT+1)

(WAS listed as 6pm)

Guest speakers

Rika Preiser

Ray Ison

Louis Klein

via Systems Thinking & Sustainability – Systems Innovation

A massive expansion in demographics, technology, and economic activity has ushered in the age of the Anthropocene as the new reality of the 21st century. As more of us pack into cities, as technology becomes ever more pervasive and we alter Earth systems on an ever-larger scale, the systems that now surround us and coordinate our everyday lives are no longer given by nature but instead created by us. The complex sustainability challenges of a water crisis, energy transition, climate change or pollution are the product of the very systems we create and support our way of life, with these systems in turn created and sustained by our ways of looking at the world, our paradigm. This insight has lead many to the conclusion that a shift to a more sustainable world will start with a shift in our ways of thinking to a way that helps us to better see and act in relation to the whole – the promise of systems thinking. In this talk we will explore the relationship between systems thinki

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