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“all the learnings to support you through this transition”

goodies in this newsletter

  • learning: methods for the systems change framework
  • learning: power in the system
  • external learning: grounded hosting and engagement online w/ beehive production

+ starts easter monday – act fast!

  • let’s experiment!
  • facilitation and hosting guides for online events

dear systems community,

i’ve been grateful that in the last few days, my state of being is slowly shifting, from one of despair and overwhelm to inspiration and expansion.  this is coming from unexpected conversation, connections and dreaming up the future with others and i’m so grateful for it.  in this shift, i’m reminded of this quote from picasso…

inspiration exists, but it must find you working

so we’re transforming here at the systems school. i’m thinking of this less as ‘pivot’ or even adaptation, and more that we’re finding a state of flow within the complexity, bearing witness to the transformation and seeking out the energy and momentum that will carry us forward. it’s presenting us with some pretty incredible opportunities, and we hope you’ll come join us.

yours in learning.

director, the systems school
upcoming online learning events

systems methods for the systems change framework
an exciting collaboration, with all-star systems thinker dr.fiona mckenzie, director of orange compass  in this series we’re getting right down to practice.  each week, we will teach how to apply a systems method for one aspect of the systems change framework  you will receive facilitation guides to apply the methods, and additional resources to support your learning.

dates: wednesdays 11:00-12:30pm (melbourne time), starting may 6th for 9 weeks
zoom platform, recordings available
sliding scale fees, starting at $350+

  • week 1 – introduction to the systems change framework and systemic change
  • week 2 – systems practices
  • week 3 – purposeful engagement
  • week 4 – reflect, learn, adapt
  • week 5 – define situation
  • week 6 – gain clarity
  • week 7 – find leverage
  • week 8 – act strategically
  • week 9 – ‘ask me anything’ session

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power in the system
we’re working with superstar facilitator lina patel ( to bring you this very special offering.  originally planning for an in-person learning event we’re pivoting online to bring this content to you now as we all wrestle with how to engage in these new ways of working.

in this weekly virtual learning series, we will explore and unpack issues of power within the practice of systems thinking each thursday from 11:00am – 12:30pm melbourne time beginning may 28th

  • week 1 – how and why is power so critically important to our work in systems?
  • week 2 –  how can we examine power in systems thinking?
  • week 3 – how is power showing up in OUR system? How can we adapt and become more power literate?

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grounded online hosting and engagement – by beehive productions (

**starts easter monday**
discount available – email seanna( – we have a group of 3 already registering for a 30% discount

our friends at beehive productions are putting on a great learning series on grounded online hosting and engagement:

“As we find ourselves adapting to a new reality, finding alternative ways to socialize, do our work, and stay in contact with loved ones near and far, many of us are going beyond the initial panic and starting to realize the incredible potential of working online.

How we meet and host each other online is more important now than ever, whether the groups we are hosting are large or small. It can be a deeply meaningful experience or it can be very frustrating. This intensive is designed to minimize the frustration and maximize the value of our online engagements.”

see more details here (

folks here’s what we know:

  • the way we are connecting and working together is rapidly changing and we need to develop skills to do this well
  • our meta systems are transforming and breaking open to new possibilities but we need to be active participants in rebuilding these
  • we have so much to learn from traditional ways of knowing, now is the time to honour, respect and engage with these practices
  • our future possibilities are ALL of ours, to dream into being

incredibly talented folks are coming into conversation to create an experiment and we’d like to invite you to participate.  we’re creating a space to engage with everything i’ve noted above, all while recognizing this as an experiment.

we are in it for the learning, not the precision
we are in it for the connection, not the perfected outcomes
we are in it for the momentum building, not the answer
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good practices for hosting online

i recently held a session and share some insight on hosting online, and in preparing for that came across a number of excellent resources others had already put together.  check them out:

here ( are the slides i shared in the session.