Mobility as a Service Isn’t an App, It’s a System | Loup Ventures

Just being a Negative Nellie one more time. This is an intriguing article about Mobility as a Service, but again the definition of systems thinking at its heart is rather lacking. But, it goes to interesting places.

via Mobility as a Service Isn’t an App, It’s a System | Loup Ventures

Systems Thinking is an analytical approach that considers how a system’s individual components interrelate both through time and within the context of a larger system. In part, Systems Thinking is driven by the philosophy and tactics of fields such as Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Service Design, Customer Experience, and related fields. We can narrow Systems Thinking down to two primary parts: 1) Component Dynamics: Understanding how an individual component delivers its value proposition to customers through the combination of front-end customer-facing and back-end non-customer facing operations and 2) System Dynamics: Understanding how individual components interrelate both to other components and the greater system of which they are a part. It is easy to see how Systems Thinking is necessary to deliver MaaS with various public and private components requiring a number of services on the front- and back-end.