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Start simple… then grow

There’s a big shift underway. Digital platforms of the past were all about social connection. In the 2020’s they’re becoming ‘ecosystems’ of innovative organizations coming together to solve social issues and improve economic growth. Without a next-generation digital platform too few of these ecosystems have the capability to scale to their full potential. That’s where shapeable comes in.

We provide an efficient, low-risk, modular approach. This lets you choose solutions for your existing needs, one which grows with you, one step at a time, or even as standalone products. You get maximum impact with minimum overheads.

Step 1. Frame your Challenge

Gain insights from global thought leadership and trend spotting, and frame the goals you wish to deliver on, as a desirable future. You can uncover and publish the data stories 
and research that shine a light on large-scale systemic change and the narrative market which drives public and political opinion.

Frame Plan

  • Challenge and System framing
  • Narrative Markets & Data Stories
  • Insights & Trends Feed

Step 2. Map the Complexity

Your network gets a shared strategy framework, revealing who is working 
on what across all stakeholders. By connecting your directory of Startups, Corporates, Investors, Researchers and Policy-makers, you can enable meaningful cross-sector partnerships. The domain expertise of your innovators and global experts is mapped into an explorable knowledge graph.

Map Plan

  • Systems Mapping
  • Stakeholder Organization Profiles
  • Innovator & Startup Profiles


  • Frame Plan

Step 3. Shape new Solutions

We help your network to align itself around shared interests and topics, build pathways to collaboration, measure change, and discover opportunities for investment. Our framework lets you benchmark 
the state-of-play across cities and topics, explore the hubs of local innovators and experts, and review cross-sector innovations.

Shape Plan

  • Impact Stories
  • City Hubs & Innovator Communities
  • Impact Metrics & Benchmarking


  • Map Plan

  • Frame Plam

Step 4. Accelerate Market Networks

Let your community self-request services and assistance – to gain funding, expertise, market access, or run pilots. For large scale collaborations you can bring multi-disciplinary partnerships together around industry topics, policies, product and service opportunities, 
and increase speed-to-market.

Accelerate Plan

  • Market Requests
  • Topic Working Groups
  • State of the Ecosystem Reporting

Ecosystem as a Service (EaaS)

Own your data, secured and portable. Connect to existing business systems.

Share the collective data and insights 
with your entire business ecosystem
 for even greater collaboration.


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