Human Error: A Problem With the Envelope

via Human Error: A Problem With the Envelope

A Problem With the Envelope

Human error

On February 26th 2017, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held its 89th award ceremony, celebrating the best films of 2016. The ceremony went swimmingly until the very last award for best picture.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mounted the stage. They read aloud the nominees, then Warren Beatty opened the envelope that held the name of the winner. He looked a bit puzzled. He checked the inside of the envelope to make sure he wasn’t missing something and gave Faye Dunaway a quizzical look. Then he started to announce the award, and stopped. With a bemused expression on his face he looked inside the envelope again.

Mr Beatty passed the card to Faye Dunaway to see what she made of it. Thinking he was clowning about and not genuinely confused Ms Dunaway stated the winner.

“La La Land”

Two minutes later, halfway through the acceptance speeches, all hell broke loose. Stage managers and organisers crowded onto the stage. Faye Dunaway had read out the wrong card.

La La Land’s producer rectified the error.

I’m sorry, no, there has been a mistake, Moonlight, you guys won best picture.

Jordan Horowitz

What did you do Warren?

Jimmy Kimmel, the shows host regained control of the situation and asked in mock outrage “What did you do Warren?”

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