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Much philosophy over the past couple of centuries has been an attempt to overcome the trauma of Cartesian dualism, which is still the ‘standard grammar’ of our modern worldview. Despite René Descartes importance in the creation of the the modern world, the subject/object divide has to be understood as a radical illusion. It is therefore urgent to invent new terms which better correspond to today’s understanding.

This is one of the great values of John Vervaeke’s ‘Awakening to the Meaning crisis’: the introduction of fresh new language. Vervaeke has invented a word which is very useful here: transjective. This means that ‘relationship’ transcends—or is much more real than—the subject and object in itself. This term helps go beyond the endless culture war between the romantic and the empiricist, or the radical romantic who privileges the muddy pond of his own narcissistic subjectivity, and the radical empiricist who sees only dead mechanical processes.

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