SCiO Virtual Development Event – 1 June 2020 18:30–20:30 BST, Members only (annual membership only £30)

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Becoming a member of SCiO offers a way to engage in developing new approaches to managing organisations and helps to support the group’s activity.

Benefits include
  •  Development Days

    Draw on the resources, skills, experience and knowledge of other members

  •  Common Interest Groups

    Work with others to develop systemic approaches to particular areas of interest

  •  Discounts

    Reductions on all PDP courses & access to members-only PDP courses

  •  Resources

    Access to all available videos and presentation from past Open Meeting sessions.


SCiO Virtual Development Event – June | SCiO

A Community of Systems Practitioners
SCiO Virtual Development Event – June
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SCiO Virtual Development Event – June

1 June 2020 18:30–20:30
Members only

SCiO Virtual Development Event – June

SCiO’s Development Days offer an opportunity to draw upon the collective expertise of SCiO members in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. By taking Development Events online, using the Zoom meeting platform, we aim to make them accessible to more SCiO members

Development Events are both for members who are just starting out on a journey to explore Systems Thinking approaches, and for those who have many years of exploration and practice.

We will utilise break-out rooms within Zoom to keep group sizes friendly and interactive. Each ‘room’ will be facilitated by SCiO members who have experience of systems thinking principles and practice. Following brief introductions groups will discuss three topics, proposed and selected by attendees, which will then be briefly introduced and discussed. During these discussions your confidentiality and IP rights (where relevant) will be fully respected.

Members booking prior to 26th May are invited to propose topics for discussion (optional) and to take part in a poll to choose which topics are selected for discussion at the 1st June event. Please provide a title and a brief (75 words or less) description of your proposed topic. Please email me by clicking on the ‘book’ button and complete these details.

Note that introductions should not exceed 5 minutes and it is important also to consider what you want from the session. Not all proposed topics can be selected but we encourage you to take part even if yours is not.

Members booking after 26th May are still welcome to book to take part. Booking will close on 30th May.

A Zoom meeting invitation will be sent to all booked members.

Lesley Rowan – Development Day Director