Reimagining government: An ANZSOG and Centre for Public Impact series – 21 May to 31 July 2020

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Our models of government need reimagining. Politics and governments remain structured in ways that reflect the values and mindset of an industrial era, when the world looked very different from what it does now. Trust in governments across the world has been in decline, as has faith in their ability to solve complex 21st-century challenges such as climate change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put new pressures on governments, but has equally shown their value in dealing with a global crisis. This crisis is an opportunity to rethink how governments serve their citizens.

Join ANZSOG and the Centre for Public Impact, a BCG Foundation, as we reimagine government in a series of six webinars which will bring together senior practitioners, academics and leading thinkers from across the globe. They will explore a vision of government founded on three beliefs.

  • most of the challenges we face as a society are complex
  • the quality of human relationships matters a great deal
  • and progress is best achieved through experimentation and learning.

These thinkers will be guided by the ‘enablement paradigm’ a belief that the best role for government is not to manage or control but to create the conditions that lead to good outcomes for society.

You will have a chance to join these leading thinkers in shaping a new vision for government. Each seminar will be highly interactive and give you a chance to share your views. The six-part webinar series will be facilitated by journalist, speechwriter and policy communications adviser, James Button.

We are excited to invite you to take part in a thought-provoking and timely conversation about what a reimagining of government might look like. Join the conversation online using #reimaginegov.

Please note that numbers are limited for these events and tickets will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.