Eye on Society | document list – John Raven’s work

“Applying the Concepts and Methods of Organisational Psychology to Society”

This website was set up to disseminate and discuss research on psychological aspects of society.

More specifically, the aim was, and is, to publish and discuss studies which throw light on the operation of society as a whole and the steps that need to be taken to improve its functioning.

The domain lies at the interface between sociology, psychology, politics, and economic


And Professor Raven’s personal website:

Much of Prof. Raven’s research has pointed to the need for paradigm shifts in each of the areas listed below.

But the most important of these paradigm shifts has emerged at the very end of this programme of work and, to some degree, points to a need to re-formulate the insights gained in the other areas.

The most fundamental of these insights – the significance of which most readers will find hard to grasp – is that behaviour is not mainly determined by the values, talents, and priorities of individuals but by the social systems within which they live and work.