Remembering Doug McDavid – Coevolving Innovations (David Ing)

Apologies for two self-referential posts in a row, given that David is co-owner of this site – however this is on topic, and, while sad news, is a positive remembrance of Doug McDavid. I have looked back and found an extensive trail of ‘breadcrumbs’ in my email archive, mostly of notifications of discussions Doug had contributed to at various iterations of what is now the Systems Thinking Network group on linkedin. He was well-informed, generous, calm, intelligent – rare attributes in internet discussions – he really came across as as avuncular as his profile image (below) might suggest. I’m proud to take a small place as part of the intellectual lineage here – David formed with Doug, and was kind enough to set up this iteration of with me.



Remembering Doug McDavid

 June 2, 2020 daviding 0 Comments

Doug McDavid

The news that Doug McDavid— my friend, colleague, and one of the original cofounders of the Coevolving Innovations web site in 2006 — had passed, first came through mutual IBM contacts.  More details subsequently showed up on LinkedIn from Mike McClintock.

Doug left us on May 9, while working at his desk, likely in the very earliest hours of the morning. His wife Carleen, accustomed to his habit of disappearing into intense all-nighters, expected to get him to pay a bit of attention to breakfast. Instead, she found him at peace amid his books and his papers.

I left a response to that posting.

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