Reflecting on Reflecting

Complex Responsive Processes of Relating

I spent a day recently at a workshop entitled “Introduction to Complex Responsive Processes of Relating”, run by Chris Mowles, Professor of Complexity and Management at Hertfordshire Uni’s Business School. Run by him, but giving a lot of time in the day for discussion with the 30 or so other attendees, a mixture of academics and practitioners, with far more of the latter.

CRPR is the result of an intellectual journey travelled by Ralph Stacey, (together with a number of fellow travellers including Chris Mowles) who began as economist, acquired an interest in complexity sciences from a quantitative modelling perspective and then became attracted to additional insights that can be derived from social sciences, pragmatic philosophy, and ultimately in group analytic psychotherapy.

As a discipline I find it curiously belligerent and defensive simultaneously.  It draws attention to the limitations in orthodox management but is very…

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