Webinar Recordings – Sociotechnical Systems Roundtable

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Webinar Recordings – STS Roundtable

Courtesy of @daviding, quite a few good videos from across the last five years:

Webinar Recordings

Organization Design in the Age of COVID-19: From Crisis to Positive Transformations

READ MORE »April 9, 2020

SmarT Organization Design Framework Crowdsourcing

READ MORE »May 29, 2019

Temporary Organizations and Facilitating Self-Design

READ MORE »May 22, 2018

Purpose and Meaning of Designing Social Ecosystems

READ MORE »April 10, 2018

On a new S-Curve in ORGANIZING —at the ECOSYSTEM Level!

READ MORE »January 31, 2018

How can Social Media help you and us

READ MORE »July 26, 2017

Designing Adaptive Ecosystems

READ MORE »April 5, 2017

Applying Social-Political-Technical Design to any Purpose no Matter How Complex

READ MORE »March 28, 2017

The Workers’ Voice

READ MORE »January 8, 2017

Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight: What is the future of Sociotechnical System Design

READ MORE »November 8, 2016

Designing Organizations with Information Systems in mind

READ MORE »June 5, 2016

Generative Questions for Organisation Design

READ MORE »April 20, 2016

Social Media and Organizational Transformation

READ MORE »December 10, 2015

Sociotechnical Systems v3.0: Designing Non-Routine Knowledge Net-Work Systems

READ MORE »October 15, 2015

Positive Participative Innovation

READ MORE »June 26, 2015

Systems’ Approaches to Organization Design

READ MORE »May 21, 2015


Webinar Recordings – STS Roundtable