COVID-19 – A Complexity Leadership Response, Diane Ketley


COVID-19 – A Complexity Leadership Response, Diane Ketley

COVID-19 – A Complexity Leadership Response

7 July, 202053Post contributor:Diane Ketley, NHS HorizonsDiane Ketley

The current COVID-19 situation is an example of complexity – and an opportunity for reflection on how systems respond to the challenges it is causing.

We need to understand that complex, adaptive systems such as healthcare are dynamic, have multiple interacting elements, are unpredictable and have the following characteristics:A complex adaptive system has the capability to self-organise, accommodate to behaviours and events, learn from experience and dynamically evolve but not necessarily in predictable ways. The system’s performance and behaviour changes over time and cannot be completely understood simply by knowing about the individual components. Read more in Adaptive Spaces, Networks…. and a Challenge Called Spread and Braithwaite 2018.

Mary Uhl-Bien recently joined Matthew Mezey from the Q community and me for a virtual conversation to share her insights on the current complex challenges COVID-19 brings, and illustrate these insights with examples of responses seen in USA and UK.

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COVID-19 – A Complexity Leadership Response, Diane Ketley