The Systems Sanctuary newsletter from 30 June 2020

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We are amid a major moment in response to structural and systemic anti-black racism and violence and to how COVID is laying bare inequities, highlighting the intersectional nature of this crisis. We are committed to our on-going learning and practicing in ways that center equity, decenter dominant systems, and that name systemic violence.

Coming up: We will launch another round of our virtual program Interrogating Whiteness for systems leaders with key leaders and thought partners. We are launching a publication series featuring incredible leaders that will share key insights & practices that support centering equity and ‘working across difference’ for systems change

We have been working on Illuminate – an International Systems Change Field Building project. As part of this we are launching new learning cohorts and an inquiry into the role of ‘Bridgers’ in systems change.

We launched a special Systems Sisterhood virtual Retreat so our Sisterhood Alumni could journey together through April and May of the COVID pandemic. We were joined by wonderful speakers Lopon Charlotte Rotterdam to introduce transformation practice, Melanie Goodchild on Healing in and Decolonizing systems practice, Marilyn Struthers on Reflections on the Long-view and Vanessa Reid on Sense making during transitions.

We’ve been teaching Systems Change 101 and Systems Mapping with The Beneficial State Foundation.  And we are just about to launch a learning ecosystem pilot in partnership with Be The Peace focussed on addressing systemic gender based violence in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Tatiana & Rachel, Co-Founders,
The Systems Sanctuary

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The Systems Sisterhood: Fundraisers Bridgers for systems change
Virtual Masterclass on Systems Change Theory, Strategy and Leadership Systems Sanctuary Masterclass in Systems 
V useful – visual mental model Becoming anti-racist 
Racism scale where do you fall? 
Brilliant Adrienne Maree Brown A word for white people in two parts
Berkana Institute – Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale H/T Catherine Borgman
Arboleda Alex Evans, Casper ter Kuile and Ivor Williams, This Too Shall Pass; Mourning Collective Loss in the Time of COVID 19
Nora Bateson making a huge amount of sense here in My Health is Not My own
Arunditi Roy, Interview The pandemic is exposing all the injustices, inequity The Pandemic is a Portal,
and her article “As we pray for the change, now the change is here”
– A Red Table Wisdom Talk at Reach Yoga with Soul of The Mother Founder Diane Longboat. H/T Marilyn Struthers
Systems Change Field Builders Report – Convening Capacity Builders
Forbes – Tomorrow’s Leaders need to be Systems Thinkers

Extraordinary Tanya Birl-Torres, of So Humanity, who speaks on our Systems Sisterhood Program is leading a series of virtual embodied practice sessions for Yoga, Wholeness and the Black Body