Looking for Input on Next Steps: What do research and theory in complexity and systems tell us about evaluation practice and evaluation theory?

Evaluation Uncertainty

Meg Hargreaves
Senior Fellow, Economics, Justice, and Society Department, NORC
Jonny Morell
President, 4.669… Evaluation and Planning

Development Along Two Directions
We are seeking suggestions about content and authors for posts on:

  • research and theory in complexity and systems, and
  • application to evaluation.Posts should be short and focused. This tactic may not fit the spirit of “systems”, but it will educate and not overwhelm.

Please contact us if you have ideas to share.
To convey a sense of what we have in mind, here is an example.
Jonny’s Example based on Accident Investigation
Consider accident investigation and its relationship to path dependence and attractor spaces. It is possible to trace causation in retrospect and to use that knowledge to minimize the likelihood that a class of accidents will reoccur. One would be foolish ignore these analyses. But precisely what accidents will be affected by the change? Unknown and largely unknowable…

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