Systems Tools & Resources | Systems Grantmaking


Systems Tools & Resources | Systems Grantmaking

Systems Tools & Resources

To select a resource to use, you should begin with clarity about what you are trying to achieve. To help with this, we have categorized the resources in three ways:

  1. Resource Type. Are you a visual person? Do you prefer narrative stories? There are resources in this guide for every kind of thinker and doer.
  2. Systems Questions. Are you interested in learning about the system’s social network and how to influence it? Do you need to understand the events and forces affecting the system? There are resources in this guide to help you answer questions about the different aspects of the system you need to understand and influence. 
  3. Grantmaking Stages. Do you need a resource to help you develop your grantmaking strategy? Identify and select grantees? There are resources for every grantmaking stage and some that span all of the stages. 

You can filter and sort the table below to find the resources most useful to you.


Systems Tools & Resources | Systems Grantmaking