Centre for Complex Systems Studies – Universiteit Utrecht Corporate

Ecosystem resilience to drought and flooding One of the three projects that has received a grant from the 2020 Complex Systems Fund is aimed at the question how the robustness of plant ecosystems to drought and flooding depends on the plasticity of individual plants and heterogeneity of the plant population. The research proposal was written by Prof. Kirsten ten TusscherProf. Stefan Dekker and Dr. Hugo de Boer.Read more      »
Leveraging a food transition for Arctic indigenous communities
 Indigenous Arctic communities are experiencing a fundamental, undesired and unsustainable shift in their food system. Science-based visions of sustainable solutions are lacking, and the capacity within communities to evoke change is low. Dr. Ine Dorresteijn and Prof. Bert Theunissen received a grant from the 2020 Complex Systems Fund for their project aimed at leveraging a food transition for indigenous communities in the Bering Sea.Read more      »
Stability of underdetermined dynamical systems
 Another project that has received a grant from the 2020 Complex Systems Fund focuses at the role of networks in the dynamics of random dynamical systems. The research proposal was written by Dr. Ivan KryvenDr. Mara Baudena and Dr. Anna von der Heydt, who address their research question on the level of mathematical foundations, as well as by studying several real-world examples where networks are anticipated to play a crucial role in systems dynamics.Read more      »