ASC 2020 Global Conversation – American Society for Cybernetics – Why Can’t Cybernetics Tame Pandemics? 12-1pm EDT Sunday September 3, part of the 2-day Global Conversation Conference, a joint effort of the American Society for Cybernetics and the British Cybernetics Society, and part of the ‘New Macy Meetings’

Message from Paul Pangaro via Ben Sweeting on the CYBCOM mailing list

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The New Macy Meetings: Cybernetics and Designing for Action

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See also an emerging Manifesto, a more concise view.


Message from Paul Pangaro:
Dear Colleague

I’m writing to invite you to the launch of #NewMacyMeetings in September 2020. This will be a modest first session, one of a series of experiments before a more formal, large-scale effort in 2021. 
Our first session is called Why Can’t Cybernetics Tame Pandemics?
This first session will be held from Noon to 1pm EDT via Zoom on Sunday September 13, part of the 2-day Global Conversation Conference, a joint effort of the American Society for Cybernetics and the British Cybernetics Society.
Registration is required and a donation is completely optional.
Please go to this ASC page for more information and for the link to register. You will receive a Zoom video invitation thereafter.
I hope you will join and contribute your views and critique in an evolving project.
As some of you will know, the original Macy Meetings were held in the 1940s and 50s and they comprised seminal trans-disciplinary conversations that began the wide-spread influence of cybernetics across all the major disciplines of the second-half of the last century.
The world is different now, overtaken by pandemics of biology and technology, racism and inequality, environment and justice. #NewMacyMeetings asks the question, Can cybernetics help tame today’s pandemics?
In addition to a trans-disciplinary conversation, in order to be effective — that is, leading to effective action — our #NewMacyMeetings must also be trans-global (diverse and inclusive) as well as trans-generational (engaging all ages).
There is more detail of the overall direction of #NewMacyMeetings at this link.Please feel free to share this email or to forward the blog post here.
Please let me know if you have questions or comments.
Thank you.

ASC 2020 Global Conversation September 12-13 2020, online To Register (Free for ASC Members): Registration Page This event is held in coordination with the British Cybernetics Society’s virtual event “Cybernetics and the 21st Century: Stories of Practice.” The ASC invites you to participate in the “ASC 2020 Global Conversation,” September 12-13. This event will consist of a series of live online conversations running across two days and various time zones. Online conversations will be organized as moderated panel discussions, where panelists interact with each other and the audience. Panelists will provide

ASC 2020 Global Conversation – American Society for Cybernetics