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Funding Place Based systemic change | Renaisi

Funding Place Based systemic change

The Funding Place Based Systemic Change project chaired by Save the Children UK brought charities and funders together to explore how to best manage funds to support long-term, place-based systemic change (PBSC).

‘Place-based’ working is an increasingly popular approach to social change but it has defined most of Renaisi’s 22 years. We use it as a lens to view individual and societal issues, because

  • it can resonate with everybody who lives or works there, which helps build a clear and understandable vision for the long term
  • encourages consideration of people who are not in the room
  • breaks down service silos and bureaucracies by posing different questions
  • brings focus on sustaining relationships that engender long term resilience, support and, possibly, systems change.

For all that, lots of funding, policy, research and current practice is still designed and structured to focus on issues (homelessness, offending, public health) or cohorts (unemployed people, refugees, young people). That creates a challenge for those of us who use place to understand and solve problems.

Funding Place-Based Systemic Change project

The project group, chaired by Save the Children UK and including charities, agencies and funders came together to think about how funding could help a movement towards place-based change.

The group started with a working definition:

“Place-based systemic change is an approach to social change, rather than an outcome of it, and is defined by focus, time horizon, approach, scale and intentionality.”

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Funding Place Based systemic change | Renaisi