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I do not know exactly what this is but it is undoubtedly systems-y… h/t Systems Innovation

Inspired by nature
Enabled by technology
Powered by collaboration

Our vision is a creative society thriving in balance with the planet.

The challenges and opportunities that are constantly emerging from our rapidly changing environments, call for new approaches; understanding that everything is connected is fundamental to shift our perspectives and to generate transcendental value.

7Vortex has been designed by the principles of biological patterns, evolutionary strategies and ecosystems dynamics, as such, it blends human cantered design with relationship centred design, in order to transfer knowledge in a naturally connected way.

By connecting interdisciplinary knowledge, visualising its relationships and understanding the value that every network agent can bring to an ecosystem, we can use our collective wisdom to inspire a new generation of thinkers, creators, inventors and entrepreneurs, to pursue endeavours that generate positive and sustainable impact for a better future for all.

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Explore | 7Vortex