Designing within 3rd Order Cybernetics: Feedback Loops in SAAP

Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance

Please, see my talk for Cybernetics Society Annual Conference: 21st Century Stories of Practice: 

‘There’s nothing like the real thing’ (Kenny, 2009). The talk will be ‘connecting what is with what if’ (Thackara, 2019). It will look at complexities of feedback loops in Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance (SAAP) field’s multicentred methodology and processes where the designer oscillates between being inside and outside of the system. This will be exemplified on several research by design projects’ cases, indigenous references and their crossrelations. SAAP deals with rather small hyperobjective ecosystemic interventions that are codesigned and redesigned across complex multiscalar biodigital feedback loops across the biosphere. Therefore, these interventions interact with the existing ecosystem and are generative, regenerative, and adaptive. The talk will show that similar way it has been present in indigenous cultures. Such adaptive, generative, and regenerative systems are codesigned and coperformed by multispecies, living and non-living stakeholders and communities’ members…

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