About maplesync – project maplesync – proposed cybernetic economic planning for Canada


About maplesync – project maplesync

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About maplesync

The “kernel” of the idea is project maplesync: an inclusive, open-source distributed economic decision making system for Canada. (plain language summary to follow below)

Maplesync is a proposal for open-source national level accounting and strategic indicative planning systems that anyone can contribute to. The idea is that by providing better baseline information to entrepreneurs (and more) we can build capacity for greater prosperity in terms of economic, social and environmental wealth.

Indicative planning simply means to draw attention to strategic options via collective intelligence design techniques.

Access the (under development) Github and Wiki by clicking on these links.

Maplesync was originally conceived by @gceh&… more info at www.gceh.ca, and you can add him on LinkedIn.

plain language summary: (shareable Google Doc link available on main page)

MAPLESYNC: a collaborative strategic planning process for Canada

How might we share strategic information to improve economic, social and environmental prosperity?


We have the opportunity to participate in economic decisions every day, including selling, renting and, mostly, buying products and services. From the micro level, these decisions contribute to the collective use of knowledge in society. Our decisions shape other decisions, from the bottom up, for the rest of the economy. 

But what about the big, macro decisions? The strategies and plans? People aren’t normally involved, on a daily basis, in the strategic planning of companies or governments – let alone of an entire country.

But what if they were involved, in real time?

What if regular people on a mass scale had the chance to collectively indicate, or point attention to, opportunities and directions which a national economy could rally around and make happen?

This is exactly what maplesync intends to make possible as a grand project.

Overview: 5 W’s:

What is maplesync?

Project maplesync is a blueprint to lay the foundations for systems that answer the above “how might we” question: How might we share strategic information to improve economic, social and environmental prosperity?

Maplesync lays out the possibilities of crowdsourcing strategic plans, plans that provide a roadmap into the future, at the national level. These strategic plans will point attention to areas of economic concern and generate ideas for addressing these concerns. 

In other words, a large group of Canadians could collaborate online to co-create a plan that helps meet the needs of Canadians by identifying opportunities, collecting and filtering ideas. This gives participants the ability to pool their collective intelligence to co-create plans from a great variety of different vantage points.

These plans would not be binding, but will act as more than a petition as they lay stepwise, integrative directions that concentrate attention and action. Individuals, entrepreneurs, innovators, companies, nonprofits and governments would be able to coordinate action around these plans as the benchmark.


About maplesync – project maplesync