Patterns of Strategy Training – Agile strategy for a fast-paced world | paid training time for the UK and Australia Nov/Dec 2020

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Patterns of Strategy Training Agile strategy for a fast-paced world | LinkedIn

Patterns of Strategy Training Agile strategy for a fast-paced world

  • Published on October 22, 2020

Patrick HoverstadtDirector and management consultant at Fractal3 articles Following

Together with Thompson Organisations in Australia,we’re running some training on Patterns of Strategy online, starting in November 2020.

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Normally we’d deliver this face to face, but for obvious reasons we’re doing it remotely using our Strategy War Room. You can sign up for a 4 session introduction to the approach (equivalent to one full day in total) or for a 12 session certification course (three full day equivalents in total) which will prepare you to develop strategy using the Patterns of Strategy approach for your organisation or clients.

The purpose of strategy is to build advantage for the organisation to ensure its success and survival, so that it can survive and thrive in a changing business environment. The challenge today is that the rate of change in the environment is so much faster than in previous decades – how do you develop and execute strategy at a higher tempo, to avoid your strategy being obsolete by the time you are implementing it? That means you need different ways to develop strategy. Those need to handle the turbulent trading conditions you encounter, and ideally make it possible for you to exploit them as well. Patterns of Strategyis effective in the challenging conditions which are so common today, as it helps you develop strategy which will enable your organisation to survive and be successful.

Patterns of Strategyis a revolutionary approach to strategy development that reveals and utilises the hidden drivers of emergent strategy. We develop strategy as a series of manoeuvres between all the actors, from competitors to partners, from the regulator to the marketplace. It gives you a framework and new vocabulary to understand the underlying strategic forces in your environment, so that you can tap into them and use them to your advantage. It’s effective and simple to use, yet extremely powerful and very fast.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to develop strategy, whether a fulltime strategist, a manager of a unit or a consultant. The approach works equally well for small or large organisations, or units within an organisation, and has been used successfully across all sectors and types of organisation, including public and third sector organisations. You can see more about the approach here.

What do you get?

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The training mixes input with lots of practice. You’ll be working in a group to apply the approach to a live strategic issue you are facing. Allowing for confidentiality, group work will allow you to support others on their strategic issue, and of course there’s valuable learning for you in being exposed to a range of strategic situations besides your own. The training may also include case material. On the one-day course you’ll also get a copy of the Patterns of Strategy book which describes the theory and the practice and gives you 80 proven strategies covering a wide variety of strategic situations.

On the introduction course (four 2 hour sessions) you’ll:

  • master the six elements in Patterns of Strategy which drive the dynamics of your position in your ecosystem or market
  • be attuned to how your strategic situation is likely to evolve, if you don’t intervene strategically
  • use the Patterns of Strategy to develop strategy
  • accelerate the speed at which you can develop strategy
  • you’ll leave having learnt the approach and having made substantial progress on your own strategic situation.
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If you sign up for the full (three-day equivalent) certification workshop, we’ll go into the theory and practice in more depth and you’ll:

  • explore a range of strategic options, not just one, and learn how to assess them using different criteria, to grasp which gives you the best advantage
  • understand how to anticipate and counter moves by competitors
  • understand how to ensure your organisation has the capabilities to formulate and execute strategy
  • learn how to move from formulation to execution
  • use the 80 Patternsto accelerate your strategy development and extend your strategic repertoire
  • understand how to use your position in your ecosystem to your advantage
  • develop strategies for a range of strategic contexts including strategies for growth, defence, competition & collaboration

So you’ll leave the sessions with a much deeper understanding of the Patterns of Strategy approach, and a really well worked through strategy for the strategic context and issue which you brought to the sessions.

At the end of the full certification workshop you will get:

  • Certification as a Patterns of Strategy practitioner, assuming that we can see you handing strategic situations adroitly
  • Presentations you can use with clients or your organisation
  • Beta version of Patterns of Strategy software

We’ll also make the full Patterns of Strategy toolkit available.


Please get in touch by emailing, to book, or to find out more about the training. Payment is required one week before the first session.

These workshops will be held online. The first four sessions will be held between 08:30 – 10:30 GMT / 9:30 – 11.30 CET / 19:30 – 21:30 AEDT on: 12th, 19th, 26th November and 3rd December.

Price for the initial 4 sessions is 1,500 AUSD / £800, and for the subsequent 8 sessions is 2,500 AUSD / £1,300 and for the full twelve sessions booked as a block is 3,500 AUSD / £1,900.

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All prices exclude VAT / GST where applicable.

source (LinkedIn post)

Patterns of Strategy Training Agile strategy for a fast-paced world | LinkedIn