How Did We Get So Polarized? Memetic Power Law Dynamics

It's About Empathy - Connection Ties Us Together

Newest member of the family — the borzoi Thorondor

I’m writing this at the end of our election season, and starting on Friday, November 6. For what it’s worth, it appears that Joe Biden has won the Presidency, Donald Trump is declaring victory and tantruming (as of course, a narcissistic psychopath would be expected to do) and the Senate seems to be in limbo. It does look like the Ds will hang onto the House. While it’s not clear there will be deep change, at least a tired nation can get a bit of a reprieve from chaos. The gangs, Antifa or Proud Boys, didn’t show up storming the polling stations. There were no crazy gangs in the streets. It’s November, for chrissakes, and cold across most of the country.

Donald Trump is busy ranting away, to the point where the various news organizations have decided to censor him. He’s…

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