Work-as-Imagined Solutioneering: A 10-Step Guide

Humanistic Systems

Have you ever come across a ‘problematic solution’ that was implemented in your workplace, and wondered, “How did this come to be?” Wherever you sit in an organisation, the chances are that you have. Many problematic solutions emerge from a top-down process that I will call work-as-imagined solutioneering.

In this post, I outline a typical process of 10 Steps by which problematic solutions come into being. Some of the steps may be skipped, but with the same outcome: a problematic solution.

At the end of the post, you will find 10 ‘Solutions’ from healthcare, provided by healthcare practitioners in a series of posts on this blog on the archetypes of human work. These solutions do not typify the process below (since the process that these solutions were subject to is not known to me). And the solutions will all probably have various advantages and disadvantages. The solutions simply provide rich…

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