Overcoming Rancor – Michael Lissack (outgoing American Cybernetic Society President) – 6 December 12pm EST (free) – Progress seldom comes from hate: how to use a Cybernetics perspective to overcome rancor

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Overcoming Rancor

Following up on the American Cybernetic Society’s very successful Global Conversation in September, on Saturday December 6th at 12 pm (EST), ASC will be hosting  a presentation by outgoing president Michael Lissack. The presentation will be approximately 30 minutes to be followed by a 60 minute faciliated conversation. 

We are exploring the idea of continuing the Global Conversation by initiating a 
Ongoing series of presentations/conversations, with the goal of increasing the opportunity for conversation about cybernetics. 

Date:  December 6, 2020

Time: 12 noon Eastern Standard Time (9am Pacific, 5 pm Greenwich, 6pm Berlin) 

Presenter: Michael Lissack

Connecting: Via Zoom. Link will be emailed shortly before the talk. 

Open To: Registrants for the September Global Conversation, as well as other ASC Member wishing to participate.  (Registration is not required.) 

Progress seldom comes from hate: how to use a Cybernetics perspective to overcome rancor 

2020 can be described as the year of Covid-19 but it likely will also be regarded as a year in which societal and political divisions in the US devolved into unmitigated rancor.  Hatred may fuel emotions but seldom does it lead to meaningful change.  At the level of a group or society, meaningful change can only happen when members have a way to work together.  The energy required for hatred and for deliberate indifference toward those with whom we disagree can be better employed in the development of the new.  Historically this tends to happen through the creation or elevated focus on an external common enemy.  Cybernetic thinking suggests an alternative: through an examination of presuppositions and entailments observers can discover and amplify hidden commonalities amongst differing perspectives and positions.  The talk will focus on how to do this with a goal of promoting such dialogical exercises in the months ahead.

See materials to be posted at http://overcomingrancor.com


Overcoming Rancor