Inspiration, Events and News on Systems Change from the Systems Sanctuary – December 2020

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Inspiration, Events and News on Systems Change
 TOP LINKS & INSPIRATION ON SYSTEMS CHANGE  “Warm and human facilitation, good structure, sense of openness. The huge diversity of work people are undertaking was stimulating and inspiring” – Participant In the Thick of It 

Hi All 

We are launching registration for our popular peer-mentoring programs for systems leaders In the Thick of It for leaders at least 2 years into their work and The Systems Sisterhood for women who work in systems change starting in February 2021. You can register now

In the Thick of It is an international peer-learning Cohort for people leading systems change initiatives, typically feeling isolated, overwhelmed and like they’d love to talk to more people who ‘get it’. 

The Systems Sisterhood is for women who work in systems change. We talk about the personal and the professional and the systemic with a gender lens. Participants value the amazing women they meet and the structured place to reflect.

We will have small groups (up to 9 people) and attract an international Cohort of people working on everything from climate change to child poverty and beyond. Join us!  

We are also offering a Deep Democracy training workshop on  Feb 24th & 25th, 7am-2:30pm PST/ 10am-5:30pm EST to our Sisterhood alumni with the amazing Camille Dumond, (Conflict and Organizational Change Facilitator, Somatic Therapist from Dignity Facilitation). Find out more of what we will cover here and contact us directly if you are interested, we have limited spots available. 

Work is underway on our Gender Based Violence Learning Lab in Nova Scotia. We have over 30 participants from across the field and we’re teaching systems practice, then hosting a peer learning community throughout 2021.  

We have just launched The Kitchen Cabinet with MakeWay and other women leaders in in Canada. It’s a diverse and curated peer-learning Community to support women’s leadership and systems change at the intersection of climate, nature and care. 

Bridgers, part of our work in Illuminate has just kicked off with Tanya Birl Torres (SoHumanity) and Jorge Salazar (Inner Activist) in our core team. It will be a series of inquiries into the role of ‘Bridgers’ in service of systems change. Much more to come in 2021.  

We have launched the Illuminate website, an international Systems Change Field Building project Illuminate. Many new projects will be emerging from this in the new year and we’re excited at the momentum that’s taking place. 

We have an increasing number of individual coaching sessions with women systems leaders to explore everything from transitions to strategy to equity. Reach out if you’re looking for support.  OUR THINKING Our new guide with useful frameworks on Building Ecosystems for Positive ChangeTowards a new holistic framework for systems change: Adapting Geels’ Transition Theory, Tatiana Fraser and Juniper Glass  
We’ve been gathering resources on power and systems change this month and these are our favorites so far: Building Better Systems Exploring the roles of purpose, power, relationships & resources in unlocking Systems change, by Charles Leadbeater and Jennie WinhallPower a Practical Guide for Facilitating Social Change by Raji Hunjan and Jethro Pettit H/T CKX team For theoretical and practical framing around power, check out Power Packwebsite The Power Manual by Cyndi Suarez, H/T Seanna Davidson
COURSES   The Bertha Center in South Africa offering an online 9-week course on Systems Change & Social Impact – to build ecosystems for entrepreneurship. The School for Systems Change has launched Investors in Change – a new virtual program for funders of systems change.   
   We coach individuals, teams and ecosystems internationally, who are trying to shift unhealthy systems. 

Specifically we work with systems practitioners who are experimenting with systemic interventions, and women leading systems change. 

We speak, teach, host virtual peer-learning programs, we coach teams and individuals. 

We hold emotional intelligence, and kick-ass strategy for systems change in equal regard. 

We are open, honest and compassionate and knowledgeable, entrepreneurial and tactical all at the same time.  

We love what we do, and most of all, we love the way we work. 

Systems change is fundamentally about changing culture. 

Our biggest ambition is to spread a culture that represents a different way of leading and showing up in the world, to all kinds of unhealthy systems, internationally.    


TOP LINKS & INSPIRATION ON SYSTEMS CHANGE    “Warm and human facilitation, good structure, sense of openness. The huge diversity of work people are undertaking was stimulating and inspiring” – Participant In the Thick of It 

Inspiration, Events and News on Systems Change