Chapter 20 “ORDER FOR FREE” – Stuart Kauffman (1995)|

Excerpted from The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution by John Brockman (Simon & Schuster, 1995) . Copyright © 1995 by John Brockman. All rights reserved.


Chapter 20 “ORDER FOR FREE” |

Chapter 20 “ORDER FOR FREE”

Stuart A. Kauffman [5.7.96]

Brian Goodwin: Stuart is primarily interested in the emergence of order in evolutionary systems. That’s his fix. It’s exactly the same as mine, in terms of the orientation towards biology, but he uses a very different approach. Our approaches are complementary with respect to the same problem: How do you understand emergent novelty in evolution? Emergent order? Stuart’s great contributions are there.?


STUART KAUFFMAN is a biologist; professor of biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and a professor at the Santa Fe Institute; author of Origins of Order: Self Organization and Selection in Evolution (1993), and coauthor with George Johnson of At Home in the Universe (1995).

continues with all kinds of interesting comments:

Chapter 20 “ORDER FOR FREE” |