ASC Speaker Series #2 – Lombardi/Clough/Pangaro – YouTube


ASC Speaker Series #2 – Lombardi/Clough/Pangaro – YouTube

ASC Speaker Series #2 – Lombardi/Clough/Pangaro

18 Jan 2021

American Society for Cybernetics – ASC

Cybernetics and humans’ knowing: A present past toward a future Jude Lombardi will facilitates a conversation with Patricia Ticineto Clough and Paul Pangaro, all three connected to cybernetics for decades. The session is an opportunity to introduce Pangaro as the new ASC President and who started in cybernetics with Lettvin and Pask in the 1970s, and to explore Clough’s history with the storied Biological Computer Lab from 1971-1976 with Heinz von Foerster, Humberto Maturana, Herbert Brün, Gotthard Günther, and others. The conversation explores how each became associated with cybernetics, who they knew and know as cybernetic thinkers influencing their work, how cybernetics has oriented their practice since those earlier days, and where the field may go.  The first 50 minutes of this 90 minute session will be Lombardi in conversation with Pangaro and Clough, followed by 40 minutes of questions and comments from the audience.