Impact Lab Open Series: Demystifying Systems Change – YouTube

Impact Lab Open Series: Demystifying Systems Change

Impact Lab Open Series: Demystifying Systems Change – YouTube
Demystifying Systems Change“Some people might say in that case it’s not a system change approach, but here I’m going to argue the opposite, that it’s also systems change because when we are addressing symptoms of wicked, broader problems, we are also planting the seeds for structural change, that small is beautiful, and experiments are valuable.” – Dr Paulo SavagetSystems are constantly changing – though not always coordinated, intentional or for the better. In October 2020, the Systems Change Observatory (SCO) postdoctoral researchers, Dr Sudhir Rama Murthy and Dr Paulo Savaget, led an Impact Lab Open Series on Demystifying Systems Change. Some key takeaways: ‘the system’ is deeply interconnected, and greater than the sum of its parts. Systemic problems are often self-reinforced, evolving and cannot be solved by a single organisation.
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Building on this introductory session, in December 2020, Sudhir and Paulo, co-delivered a full Impact Lab module on systems change. Paulo introduced the idea of systems hacking:  whilst systems thinking often emphasises the importance of understanding the full picture and root causes, sometimes we need to reframe systemic problems to also see and address their symptoms – even if that means acting in ‘incomplete’ ways, or having to ‘muddle through’.

Sudhir introduced a supply chain perspective on systems change – which can offer clarity around system boundaries, interconnectedness, and performance. This session highlighted corporate responses to COVID-19 through localisation of their supply chains.