ARINA | TIP – The Integral Process for Working on Complex Issues


ARINA | TIP – The Integral Process for Working on Complex Issues

The Integral Process For Working On Complex Issues tm  (TIP)

Called “TIP” for short, this is a mature, research-based process for groups of any size, in any settings, to deal with thecomplex issues, questions, and decisions they must grapple with.

Its powerful effectiveness comes from its design, using critical thinking and core processes of healthy change and development. This is how it fosters healthy change and development as people work on issues of any kind. This is why TIP is rated “5” on the Scale of Public Interactions.

Its common steps and templates empower users to address any issue. This means it is replicable for use on a wide variety of issues and transportable to any setting, at any scale.  

This process can transform perspectives, assumptions, cultures, relationships, system change efforts, and therefore how public or organizational business is done. It transforms how issues are understood and addressed.  This isn’t magic. Rather, it results from many years of action research and issue analyses, and mature use of solid theory.

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