Metaphorum Webinar Series – metaphorum


Metaphorum Webinar Series – metaphorum

Metaphorum Webinar Series



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Dear Metaphorum members

As announced in our recent Newsletter, it is a pleasure for us to launch our new Metaphorum webinar series with the first confirmed program of speakers for the next few months. Our intention with this Webinar Series is to maintain an active community of learning, where members can share their most recent contributions to theory or practice, and get feedback and critical reviews from fellow cyberneticians and systems researchers or practitioners.

All sessions are on Wednesdays from 5 to 6 pm (UK time).  The speaker will present in the first 30 min and then there will be 30 minutes for the participants to engage with the speaker. If the speaker agrees, we will make all presentations available in the Metaphorum website.

If you want to participate in any of the webinars, follow this link confirming which webinars you’d like to participate.

You can include as many webinars as you’d like in the form -. There is no cost to attend the webinars for Metaphorum members.

Looking forward to have you with us in this webinars’ series.

Angela Espinosa, Allenna Leonard and Jon Walker

continues with full details of speakers and recording in source:

Metaphorum Webinar Series – metaphorum

Viable Tribes: Jonathan Huxley

The Soul of the Viable System Model: Mike Jackson – 3 February 2021

The Neo-Cybernetic Synthesis: Ashby’s True Legacy: Manel Pretel-Wilson

Dr. Barry Clemson & Dr. Hans-Peter Plag:Monitoring the health of riverine systems

Dr. Steve Morlidge: ‘The VSM in 2020 – more relevant than ever?’