a collection of collective systems facilitation and delivery techniques

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Because I’m again thinking about the links and connection between the MG Taylor Method and Future Search, and Beer’s Team Syntegrity, and indeed Tavistock and Trist and Jacuqes and post-WW2 army leader selection.

Anyway, some more collective/large group facilitation links:

Svetlana Shmulyian, Barry Bateman, Ruth G. Philpott and Neelu K. Gulri

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(covers: AmericaSpeaks, Appreciative Inquiry, Conference Models, Decision Accelerator, Future Search, Participative Design, Strategic Change Accelerator/ACT (IBM), and Whole-Scalet Change)

US Patent application (2001, abandoned) for “System and method for augmenting knowledge commerce” – Matt and Gail Taylor
A system and method for addressing the paradoxes and problems associated with the Knowledge Economy, and the transition to it. The system and method of the present invention create a unified experience of work that scales from individual thought processes to the building and using of a global system of commerce. Described in several levels of recursion, the system and method of the present invention integrate, into a single system and method several discrete Sub-Systems and methods that comprise a myriad of now unintegrated tools and processes that are conducted across contradictory and non-collaborative environments.
(pdf) https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/11/a8/0b/73254778a0bb42/US20040006566A1.pdf

D5.1 Plan for Innovation Procedures in ROADIDEA (bear with me!) – part of a European funded project (5 million euros?!) to study the potential of the European transport service sector for innovations, to analyse available data sources, to reveal existing problems and bottlenecks, and to develop better methods and models to be utilized in service platforms. These were to be capable of providing new, innovative transport services for various transport user groups, while trialling a formal innovation process to achieve this. The central issue was the Innovation Process itself and its value in undertaking this important task. (Overview https://trimis.ec.europa.eu/project/road-map-radical-innovations-european-transport-services#tab-outline)
This is the innovation process: https://cordis.europa.eu/docs/projects/cnect/5/215455/080/deliverables/ROADIDEA-D5-1-Innovation-Plan-V1-1.pdf

‘Comprehensive review of collaboration technologies’ (it’s not): http://www.collaborationlabs.net/index.html

Dee Brook – Towards a practice of collaborative sustainable innovation design – foresight enhancement and the designshop process
Submitted to OCAD University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Design in STRATEGIC FORESIGHT AND INNOVATION Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April, 2019

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