Viable Systems Model: More Support Tools Needed – Kirikova (1999)

Viable Systems Model: More Support Tools Needed
Marite Kirikova
Department of Artificial Intelligence and Systems Engineering, Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia
Abstract. Stafford Beer proposed a Viable Systems Model, which was supposed to support successful management of enterprises. Since then numerous research works have referred to that model in management, information systems, and computer sciences. However, in the area of enterprise modeling there is a shortage of tools that would give an opportunity to create detailed enterprise models that would adhere to the VSM and would also be applicable for advanced model visualization and analysis. If available, appropriate modeling tools could help to utilize such features of VSM as fractality, distributed control, and variety handling mechanisms; and provide the possibility of overall adherence to those principles of cybernetics that become increasingly important in modeling enterprises in a socio-cyber-physical context.
Keywords: VSM, fractal systems, service systems, variety management, distributed control


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