Do systems exist?

chosen path

to understand is to know what to do

As soon as you really think about it, boundaries dissolve, connections appear. Everything is nebulous.

…sounds a bit woo-woo? *Of course* systems exist – we interact with them all the time, and we can model and understand them. Not always, not every time, but reliably and with great predictability. Systems engineers got people to the moon. There are deep, underlying laws of our universe. We don’t call these boundaries into being magically by the power of our brainboxes – yet…

We also know that our view can change. Paradigm shifts actually happen. Something we misunderstood resolves into clarity.

So. There’s no definitive system in the world – it depends how you see a situation. But something is ‘real’, something constraints our possibilities in specific ways.

The problem is the question.

We’re inside a loop of understanding. It makes sense to act as…

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