Interactive Planning



CP: Interactive Planning

Source: Flood, R. L., & Jackson, M. C. (1991). Creative problem solving: Total systems intervention. Chichester, UK: Wiley. [Chapter 7]

If you read the newspapers and are still satisfied with the state of the world, put this book down; it is not for you. My objective is not to convert those who are satisfied — even though I believe they need conversion — but to give those who are dissatisfied, cause for hope and something to do about it. [R. L. Ackoff, in Preface to Redesigning the Future]


Russell Ackoff’s work has had a major impact upon all of the various branches of the management sciences about which he has had his say: operational research, corporate planning, applied social science, social systems science, management information systems — to mention only the most obvious. One explanation for the depth and breadth of Ackoff’s influence lies primarily in the power of his vision for the management sciences. The job of the management scientist is not to build the mathematical models that purport to predict the future and, therefore, help key decision-makers prepare their enterprises for the inevitable. Rather, it is to assist all of the participants of an organisation to design a desirable future for themselves and to invent ways of bringing it about.

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CP: Interactive Planning