A link collection for some reasonable introductions to #complexity

Despite the fact that I tend to believe that systems, complexity, and cybernetics are better viewed as part of one extended and intermingled family of ideas and approaches, and that there are other and better ways to divide the field that these broad headings (see https://stream.syscoi.com/2020/04/21/bringing-together-some-reason-and-old-threads-on-systemsthinking-is-complexity-is-cybernetics/#comment-478 ) , it is possible at the very least to distinguish a number of pieces and perspectives which focus on concepts of complexity etc.

From a recent request on linkedin, I have curated some of them (posted here within the last few years), which I think, together, form an interesting overview (they include links to some more authoritative overviews, but this list in no way claims authority):

Warren Weaver – classic 1948 paper ‘science and complexity’

Science and complexity – Weaver, 1948 (classic paper introduction 2004)

A useful comparison of Gershenon (2020) – an avowedly ‘complexity’ approach with Espinosa, Harnden, and Walker (2007) – an avowedly cybernetics approach:

Guiding the Self-Organization of Cyber-Physical Systems, Gershenon (2020) cf Beyond hierarchy: A complexity management perspective , Espinosa, Harnden, and Walker (2007)

A good facebook comment by Gerald Midgely on ‘complexity science’ in comparison with cybernetics and systems thinking:

Bringing together some recent and old threads on #systemsthinking is #complexity is #cybernetics

A historical account (from 2019) which draws on a few key methods:

Complexity and systems thinking – January 2011, Merali and Allen

Emergence: complexity and organisation (2004)

Systems theory and complexity – Emergence: Complexity and Organization – Richardson (2004)

Some quotes from the depths of history on complexity concepts

some quotes on the theme #complexitythinking is #systemsthinking (is #cybernetics)

A request (not mine) from twitter for books about complexity:

Books on the topic of complex adaptive systems

Editorial by Carlos Gershenson (highly focused on computational work):

Editorial: Complexity and Self-Organization

A big and good resource which (I don’t have to say it, perhaps) seems to me not to credit systems and cybernetics appropriately

An introduction to complexity theory:

‘Dancing landscapes’, a piece which focuses on a key concept form Scott E Page’s ‘understanding complexity’ Great Courses course

Dancing Landscapes – artilce by Tim Maly, RISD Center for Complexity, and sources from Scott E. Page and his ‘Understanding Complexity’ course on ‘The Great Courses’

Three approaches to complexity by second-generation representatives of key thinkers:

A piece from Martin Reynolds on ‘traditions of complexity and systems science’

Traditions of ‘Complexity and Systems Science’?

from January 2021 – Causality and complexity: the myth of objectivity in science – Chem Biodivers 2007 – Mikulecky

From a management blog – Herding Cats – a compendium of resources

Herding Cats: A Compendium of Managing Complex Systems

In the words of the Santa Fe Institute:

Others using the word:
Alicia Juarrero

Thea Snow:

Embracing complexity in government – a story about gardening and thinking in systems :: Thea Snow :: City of the future :: Participate Melbourne