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ASC: Foundations: History: Timeline

A Timeline for the Evolution of Cybernetics
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One good way of obtaining a historical overview of a discipline is to review a summary outline of its evolution. This page offers a summary timeline of events relevant to cybernetics.Unfortunately, assembling a linear timeline for cybernetics is not as straightforward as is the case for other disciplines. Cybernetics precipitated out of diverse threads of work fortuitously intersecting during the 1940’s. In the ensuing decades, the themes circumscribing cybernetics’ original definition diverged again to engender or facilitate the rise of an even greater diversity of fields, labels, and disciplines.The timeline below is derived from a number of reference sources. It is deliberately intended to reflect at least a sample of the many subjects and disciplines from which cybernetics descended and into which its themes subsequently flowed. In the early stages, this timeline focuses on the theme of control. As it approaches the 20th century, it begins to reflect developments in fields such as philosophy, biology, mathematics, etc.There is no claim that this timeline is comprehensive, though it’s the most detailed one to be found anywhere on the Internet. If you would like to contribute specific and significant items to be included in this timeline, please contact the Webmaster.