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Bridging in Systems Change, part of our work in Illuminate has just kicked off with Tanya Birl Torres and Jorge Salazar as core team. 
If you’re curious, we will be hosting a virtual session with the team as part of the Catalysing change week 2021, join us! The Role of Bridging for Systems Change Wednesday 5 May 5pm CST. 

This will be an interactive session sharing our key learning and insights about bridging practice, strategy and showcasing the work of the other members who are leading inquiries into topics intersectionality, racial justice, arts and healing and our relationship to the Global South. 

We have been doing more start-up work on Illuminate an international collaboration cultivating the field of systems change practice. Specifically interviewing funders internationally who are attempting systems change work. We have written up findings and will be sharing these through the Illuminate platform in the next month or so. 

Our virtual Systems Change 101 Masterclass is underway and the group from Australia, Canada and the US is already bonding. You can register your interest in our October program here

X Tatiana & Rachel 
  OUR THINKING For all you field-builders, eco-system or network creators- our guide with useful frameworks on Building Ecosystems for Positive ChangeTowards a new holistic framework for systems change: Adapting Geels’ Transition Theory, Tatiana Fraser and Juniper Glass  
 LINKS FROM THE FIELD OF SYSTEMS CHANGE Community Building for Systems Change from The Finance Innovation Lab in the UKDeveloping a New Systemic Design Framework from The Design Council in the UK  Relational Systems Thinking Webinar from Blue Marble and the Turtle Island Institute on which explores systems mapping from a ‘decolonial’ lens that centers relationships and mutual benefit for all
JOBS  Regional Market Systems Development Advisor – Mercy Corps, Africa (various locations)  Manager, Impact and Social Innovation, Agora Partners, Latin America (various locations)  Department of Dreams Lead, Civic Square in Birmingham, UK Vice President, Innovation Consulting, Partner Solutions Group, at MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, Canada Program Manager/Analyst, Co Impact, Nairobi, Kenya COURSES/EVENTS Catalysing change week is on all week – a free week of sessions on systems change for the SDGs. Don’t miss our session on The Role of Bridging for Systems Change on Wednesday 5 May 5pm CSTBasecamp Europe School of Systems Change Our Fall International Masterclass in Systems Practice find out more and register your interest  
   We coach individuals, teams and ecosystems internationally, who are trying to shift unhealthy systems. 

Peer learning Masterclass on Systems Practice – every Spring and Fall/Autumn

Individual Coaching for women leading systems change initiatives 

Partner to convene and deepen relationships between systems actors to build ecosystems for positive change around specific systemic problems. These group feel, deep, slow, connected and emerge resilient, strategic and more powerful as a result. 

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