The Double Diamond as an example of some challenges of attribution in the history of ideas

chosen path

I just did a LinkedIn post picking up on this story, triggered by comments by (of course) Peter Jones (here:, around the origins of the Design Council’s ‘double diamond’.

(NB Peter also comments on their new version, dubbed ‘The Systemic Design Framework’, here:

Please see the post first:

I’m picking this up because it seems there’s no malice or ill-will or allegations around this (unlike other examples – see this stinging review of Wolfram’s work, recently posted here:

And because intellectual history seems to be important to me, and I’m aware of how hard this can be!

Disclaimer: while I *constantly* work with the ideas of others – and try to credit them, always aware there’s a line between ‘their idea’, ‘my interpretation of their idea’, ‘my idea influenced by this and this’, and ‘my idea which is importantly distinct from this part of intellectual history…

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