Continuing the Conversation compiled Newsletter on the Ideas of Gregory Bateson/Newsletter of Ideas in Cybernetics issues 1-18, 1985-1991

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Continuing the Conversation

A Newsletter on the
Ideas of Gregory Bateson

Issues number 1–7 and 19–24

A Newsletter of Ideas in Cybernetics

Issues number 8–18

This newslett er features numerous signifi cant contributions related to Gregory Bateson, Cybernetics and Perceptual Control Theory.

Reprint / Copyright notice

Due to the historic signifi cance and educational value of the discussions embodied in Continuing the Conversation, all issues (#1, Spring 1985 through #24, Spring 1991) have been recreated complete by Dag Forssell in 2009. This newslett er is now available free to anyone interested. It was published in an era when agreements between authors and the newslett er editor/publisher were very informal. The original consent to publish contributions in the printed newslett er can be construed as extending to this complete digital reprint, but in the spirit of the copyright statements embodied in the newslett er, major contributors have been contacted for agreement where possible. The dozen who have responded have all been enthusiastic in their approval. In case of concern, contact Dag Forssell . posted at and