Requisite Agility UnMasterclass Webinar Tickets, Thu, May 20, 2021 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite

Requisite Agility UnMasterclass Webinar

Requisite Agility UnMasterclass Webinar Tickets, Thu, May 20, 2021 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite



Requisite Agility UnMasterclass Webinar

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Event Information

You are invited to attend a Webinar about the RA UnMasterclass on Thursday, 20 May, 2021, between 1pm – 2pm EST (7pm – 8pm CET).

About this event

You are invited to attend a Webinar about the RA UnMasterclass on Thursday, 20 May, 2021, between 1pm – 2pm EST (7pm – 8pm CET). This event is invitation only and at no cost.

There are as many Masterclasses available online today as there are days in the year. How do you determine which Masterclass is that matter the most to you? Every Masterclass contains something useful that you can apply in your life, but they will only stick if you are a Conscious Leader.

Be honest now, how many articles, conferences, presentations, books, coaching sessions and online posts have you been through over the past 2 years? How many changed your life? We are in an era of information overload. Stuffing your mind with more and more can create a traffic jam in your mind.

The RA UnMasterclass begins with who you are How you think, feel and make decisions.

If the Masterclass pours petrol (content) into your engine (mind) to make it go further and faster, then the RA UnMasterclass cleans your engine (mind), removing excess, allowing you to think – for yourself.

Requisite Agility means doing only what is required, without excess cost, time, waste or burden.

This webinar will show you how Requisite Agility can enable you to be a Conscious Leader.

Conscious Leaders apply Requisite Agility to develop conscious leaders, conscious teams, conscious organisations and through this, ultimately to shape the transitions of a conscious society.

Conscious Leadership is the opposite of following scripts, templates and change management checklists.

Conscious Leaders stay ahead of changes occurring around them. Instead of ‘managing change’ that has occurred through prescribed patterns, Requisite Agility is about Shaping Transitions, being attuned to what is going on, creating the conditions in which the necessary or requisite changes can flourish.

Conscious Leaders sense and respond to their ever-changing environment. They dance, hold space, balance, they are Synchronous, continuously matching the demands and conditions of their external environment with the organisations capacity to create choices within.

Conscious Leaders break out of the mind controlling constraints of IQ and EQ. They tap the infinite natural intelligence that exists within themselves and between the people around them. Collaborative Intelligence is the only form of intelligence there is. Without connections between our mind-body, the synapses of our brain or relationships with other people, there is no intelligence.

Conscious Leaders apply Transcendence. They refuse to be a slave to a prescribed methodology, framework or model of thinking. They are trans-disciplinary. They are not stuck in the latest trends and fashions. They are present in their own naked thinking. They are not afraid of their own boundaries. They seek out what they do not know or cannot do. Vulnerability and ambiguity is their friend.

Conscious Leaders are in self-less service of humanity. Ancient scriptures in Sanskrit call this “Seva”.

Seva reaches beyond compulsive wants, needs and ego. Their ethos is to do good regardless of compliance or popularity. Diversity and inclusion are not a program they run; it is who they are.

Join us on Thursday, May 20th 2012. The Requisite Agility UnMasterclass will take you on a journey into the mastery that already exists within you. You are the most important Masterclass of your life.


Jan De Visch

Jan De Visch has more than 30 years of experience managing transformational change processes and general HR functions. He coaches teams and companies towards exponential growth and more fluid organizational structures. He refined the Work Levels Model, which helps your organization to stay relevant to its customers and to enable you to achieve sustainable breakthrough levels of performance year after year.

Kashmir Birk

Kashmir Birk brings global experience of complex change from the front line to executive work across all major sectors, such as mining, financial services, retail, CPG, digital transformation, transportation, energy, utilities, construction, manufacturing, food services, healthcare, government, non-profits, NGO’s and associations. He is a certified in coaching and agile management. He teaches leaders how to assess and develop potential by enabling them to see how the architecture, environment and systems constrain or shape thinking, values and behavior.